ADG Panorama Pro

ADG Panorama Pro 5.5

ADG Panorama Pro is a panorama stitching software for Internet publishing
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With the ADG Panorama Pro you can create panoramas that can be printed, published online or which enable interactive viewing. The program stitches together pictures to create one 360-degree panorama. You can actually watch the program stitch together the pictures, because it will show you what it is doing as it progresses with the work of tilting, sliding and stitching. Once done, you can then view in a browser and even scroll through the finished image.

There are many advantages to using this program. One of which is the fact that it is not necessary to learn digital editing or HTML coding in order to use this program. The ADG Panorama only requires the input of photos taken by the user. Otherwise it does everything else on its own.

The program does many things automatically, like calculating optimal output resolution, aligns, stitches, creates the web page and detect lens. The web preview allows the user to see the results before publishing online.

The 3D editor makes it easy to do adjustments on the photos. You can adjust the panoramic image resolution, rotation, order of pictures to stitch and the compression. The interface supports multi-languages, so you can choose the one you are most comfortable with.

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  • Automatic, fun to watch, easy to use


  • Not many output file formats
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